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Marketing is method of product promotion. It is trying to make potential customers want the product using various ways. Social media is currently a wide platform for marketing. Billions of people from all over the world interact through this platform. Marketers as the most beneficial way of presenting a product are thus considering it. However, one challenge with this way is that face-to-face conviction is not exactly possible so marketers selling auto dealership through the social media have to be creative.

Keep it short

One thing about social media is that participants keep their sentences short and simple. This way one is able to read and reply quickly. Indeed the fun is in quick response. So one who is considering using this platform form should follow suit and keep their message short and to the point. In fact, the setup of social media does not allow one to put too many words in the text box.

Keep updating status

There is need for one who is marketing auto dealership on social media to keep updating their status because the handle seems to overflow in such a way those conversations within one hour accumulates to millions depending on the number of followers. However, the person in charge of making updates has to be creative so that readers may like that conversation. A good idea is to give quotable reasons why choosing a good auto car dealership is important. Another way would be to give striking features of a model that is on sale or that is being promoted that time of day.

Note lively comments

There are followers who enhance the message that began such that that person’s followers see it and make comments. When a marketer in charge of social media marketing spots such a follower, they should encourage him or her so that they continue spreading the news. Keep the conversations burning by commenting on their comments so that they see that someone important is interested, remember, what matters is the spread of news so keep the conversation up.

Gossip professionally

One thing that social media is god at is gossip. It does not matter which part of the world one is located for people give news about what is happening around them constantly. Some of the things shared are useless although they are interesting. However, an auto dealership marketer has to learn to use this kind of gossip to an advantage. Instead of posting incompetent messages, tell the readers about the good things that are happening in the company at that time. Tell them about the next release model that they should anxiously wait for. Gossip about the features of a good car and tell funny stories about how it came to the fact that a good car is what you always must have.


A brilliant idea is using photos to compensate the words. For example, having a photo on driving licence makes it possible for one to be identified with the licence. Same case for social media, use many photos to identify certain models with their characteristics. One ought to have a strong camera that captures intricate features so that when the photo is uploaded it may appear crystal and appealing.

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