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For the owner of a small online start-up, everything might not exactly be rosy in the initial stages. There are a number of major and minor challenges like competing with older, more established businesses, not getting enough traffic or advertisements as well as technical issues. These are over and above issues, which any business-owner has to face on a regular basis, like non-receipt of orders, delayed delivery and faulty items. Hiring ecommerce consulting services can help you overcome some of the difficulties you face as a new business owner, essentially guiding you through the process of conceptualizing your business idea and setting up your very own retail website.

What are the ways in which ecommerce consulting services can help?

Using a process called search engine optimization (SEO), an ecommerce consultancy service can help you get more hits or traffic on your site by ensuring that your website ranks among the first few displayed when people enter search for items listed on your website. SEO ensures that your site does not lie in some dark and obscure corner of the internet by enhancing its online visibility, which makes it more accessible to users.
Advertising is a major source of income for any online business; by displaying advertisements relevant to your site’s content they ensure you get more money through ads.
If you already own a well established business and want to go online to extend your reach, ecommerce consultancies help to design your website, with the correct software, domain name, marketing tools, product listing catalogues, templates and security features.
It will help to protect your website from potentially thousands of dollars worth of losses due to hacking. Security measures such as 128 bit SSL encryption is used to encrypt all payment related information such as credit card numbers, codes and account details. Even in case your site is hacked, the hackers will not have any access to the above mentioned content.
By helping you design your online retail store in a neat, organized and aesthetic manner, they ensure customers will have a very pleasant experience shopping from your site.
How much does hiring an ecommerce consultancy service cost?

The cost involved in appointing a consulting service to help you set up your online business varies depending on the size and nature of your business, the kind of services offered, the duration of appointment as well as additional considerations. Expect to pay around $1500 to $2000 for a normal start-up business, which may go up to $10,000 for larger, more specialized businesses.

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