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Great Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business in 2017


In a time when we assist to constant changes and competitiveness in many areas, being difficult even for specialists to make predictions for the upcoming year, every business – small or large – needs to be prepared to cope with daily challenges and come up with creative yet innovative business ideas to attract and retain new customers or existing clients.

Anticipating and understanding customer is probably one of the most essential things every business has to see as top priorities for 2017. Given the competitive business world, it’s vital to focus on three categories that will be the buzz words for the next year: mobile, social media or e-commerce.

Since, everything important will take place in the digital world and your customers are using tablets and smart phones to stay connected, it means that you to figure out a way to connect with them. Therefore, we’ve decided to make a list with great marketing ideas to grow your business in 2017.

Idea 1: Use LinkedIn application to connect with customers and prospects

LinkedIn is the most popular professional network for business, entrepreneurs or job seekers that doesn’t need more presentation, representing also the perfect tool to attract and retain customers or prospects. Whether you engage with them on mobile or desktop, LinkedIn app provides access to relevant groups, new updates, messages and the opportunity to identify new clients for business. Start by completing a full profile, including a representative photo and a brief description about your company: vision and mission. After that, you can receive notifications from LinkedIn connections or other persons interested in your services.

Idea 2: Attract mobile users with Facebook’s promoted posts

With more than one billion people on Facebook, promoted posts can become a reliable and successful marketing tool to reach the right audience and attract mobile users, as they will help you grow the reach in combination with your high quality content. According to Facebook, the average post from any brand page is likely to be reached by 16% of fans, but with the aid of these paid and promoted posts, companies can reach more people interested in their product.

Since 5 billion people are expected to use mobile phones by 2017, according to a new study  companies are “forced” to use effective ways to attract mobile users on their website and drive traffic.

Idea 3: Promote your company brand on Instagram

Another great marketing idea to boost your business is to focus on the photo-sharing app Instagram, as the perfect tool to build and promote brand awareness by posting engaging and attractive photos with your fans. Moreover, if you use a mobile device to post images to Instagram, it can form a strong relationship with the audience, as well as to set a visual representation of the brand in their minds. Keep in mind these simple but efficient tactics to attract and retain clients through one of the popular social platform.

Idea 4: Networking events – the power of connecting with prospects

Probably one of the most recommended ideas to grow your company in 2017 is to participate to networking events seminars, conferences, workshops) and make your brand known in your industry. That’s actually a great way to interact and share new ideas with other people in your area or identify the right prospects for your business. The power of connecting is an effective form of business promotion, so you should take advantage of it.


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