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What to Look For When Considering Construction Mortgage lenders in Toronto


In Toronto, Construction mortgage lenders can be the answer to a home builder who is in need of financing when constructing their home. If you need a professional company to assist you with construction mortgage, look no further than OE Mortgage. Albeit, there are lots of construction mortgage lenders in Toronto. How do you know if you are in business with the ideal one? Well here are a few markers you should look out for

A professional website

Visit the website of any construction mortgage lenders in Toronto you are considering asking for a loan. Be careful not to be swayed by sites where the main theme is a big font writing urging you to “Apply now” or “Obtain pre-Approval!” Chances are that such construction mortgage lender just wants to have your contract so they can increase the interest rates. If on the other hand, since they are more interested in making money, they would likely care less about your project and more about the figures. Rather, be on the lookout for construction mortgage lenders in Toronto that will take their time and explain in thorough detail all that there is to know about construction financing. Furthermore, you will get detailed information on the requirement getting started.  and what you would require getting started. Obviously, an area where you can apply online can be convenient but it shouldn’t be the theme on the lender’s website.

Verify FSCO licensing

FSCO which stands for Financial Services Commission of Ontario and all construction mortgage lenders in Toronto are required to be fully licensed with them. Visit the FSCO website and check if they are fully insured, and if so, go on to find out if they are the ideal lenders for your project.

Inquire about the properties they finance

Be sure to understand the kind of properties that the construction mortgage lender finances. You do not want to seal a deal for a residential building with them and find out they only finance commercial buildings in the end. Save yourself the stress and do your fact findings properly.

Find out about former construction financing projects they have worked on

Construction mortgage lenders in Toronto should provide the names of past projects they have financed, especially if they were big public projects. Ask for the names of the past projects they have managed hitherto. Or at least ask that they give you references. If you will not be able to contact some of their past clients which are often rare, ask if they have the reference contact you.  

Google them

Google is a consumer’s guide these days, and simply entering a search query with the name of the construction mortgage lender in Toronto, will bring up most of the detail about them.

The good old word of mouth is perhaps one of the best ways you can find an ideal construction mortgage lender in Toronto.

These are some markers to help you find the ideal construction mortgage lender in Toronto. And you will probably have your own requirements and demands too, but while initiating your search, these tips will set you on the path to your destination faster.

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