Are you interested in using real estate to expand your financial portfolio? Do you want to learn more about your options and which is best for your needs? If so, Prime Commercial Real Estate is the ideal place to go. Discover the multiple benefits associated with commercial property investment and management offered by this reputable company.

Although you might be tempted to invest in residential real estate, there are several drawbacks associated with this option. Prime focuses on commercial real estate because they frequently have a higher return on investment, or ROI, for their clients.

Commercial real estate can be broken down into three general categories: retail, office and industrial. Whether you are interested in purchasing, selling or leasing the property, Prime is there to help. Additionally, they can provide property management services for commercial property owners.

Steadier Income Stream

No matter what type of commercial property you invest in, the income tends to be more level. Leases are generally longer, improving tenant turnover rates when compared to residential complexes. In addition to tenant retention, these folks are more likely to pay their rent on time. Combined, these facts increase the probability that you are likelier to experience steady cash flow.

Better Mortgage Terms

While some people might see this a shorter mortgage time frame as a disadvantage, it is actually a benefit. Commercial property loans are typically on a much tighter repayment plan than their residential counterparts. This allows you to get out from under the loan more quickly, freeing up your income for other investments.

To complement the faster payment rate, banks and other lenders generally offer lower interest rates for commercial loans. This is because the outlook for potential income is higher and steadier with commercial real estate investments.

Greater Opportunities To Boost Property Value

Though you can make certain changes to residential property that will increase the value, the figures are incredibly modest when compared to the potential for commercial land. Provided that you adhere to all of the legal requirements, you can alter the landscaping and make all kinds of changes to the buildings themselves. Savvy investors can seek new zoning, make appropriate rent increases and find other ways to maximize property value so you can search for property in PA. You can’t do that with stocks!

Fewer Expenses

While management of a multi-family residential property entails a lot of upkeep costs, you don’t have many of these with commercial tenants. The day-to-day repairs and general maintenance to keep the place functional falls on them. The folks who are leasing units from your commercial buildings are required to pay for their own insurance and any other legal expenses outlined in the lease.

Lower Rates Of Tenant Problems

If you have invested in residential real estate in the past, you know some of the headaches that can be involved with it. Folks unable to pay their bills on time, unauthorized animals and drunken fights are just a few of the issues you might have encountered. However, these types of issues are rarely heard of in the commercial real estate community. Though disgruntled and disruptive tenants cannot be entirely averted, they are far less frequent for commercial property owners.

Differences Within Commercial Real Estate

As mentioned early, industrial, retail and office are the three categories of commercial property that Prime Commercial Real Estate can help you with. You will need to determine which of these is most in line with your investment strategies. Within the retail industry are a wide range of potential investment, including shopping plazas with multiple units available for rent. These tend to require greater attention than the other two.

On the flip side, office real estate is frequently considered the easiest to maintain. Most office buildings are similar to residential complexes in that you will have multiple tenants under the same roof. However, these tenants are more likely to pay their rent and have greater responsibility for the building.

Generally, light industrial property is the best way for those with limited funds to get into the commercial real estate market.

In order to get the most from your real estate investment it is essential that you have a dependable real estate company on your side. Prime is proud to offer full service to all of their clients. Whether you are ready to buy, want to sell or need help with the properties you already own, you are sure to appreciate their dedicated service.

Experienced Experts

Just because someone has a real estate license doesn’t mean that they are good at buying and selling properties. Prime staff not only has the training, but also the experience to help their clients find the best fit for their commercial real estate needs. They invest time into understanding the market so you don’t have to.

Full Service Property Management

If you own or intend to purchase commercial real estate, Prime Property Management can provide the services you need to remain hands-off while still building your portfolio. They will ensure that all of the paperwork is in order, providing you with ongoing detailed reports. In addition to lease negotiation and credit checks, their staff will take care of regular maintenance and expedite repair services.


In order to get the best return on your investment you need a full occupancy rate. The commercial real estate experts at Prime strive to provide fully leased units to their clients. 


Prime can broker commercial investment properties and takes advantage of both Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Loopnet. This gives them immediate access to nine out of ten commercial real estate properties.

All of these services and more are backed by their membership in prestigious institutions like the Commercial Investment Real Estate Council and Building Owners and Managers Association. Additionally, Prime is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management and National Association of Realtors. While not a comprehensive list of affiliations, this is a sign of their dedication to excellence.

If you want to invest in real estate, then commercial properties are probably the best route for you to choose. You can experience all of the benefits mentioned above and much more by working with a reputable commercial property real estate agency. Contact Prime today to find out how they can help you.