Fast, reliable and super safe – every person wants transactions involving money to be all of these. Though banking system supported by laws and regulations is there, but the moving of this system to internet has exposed the people’s money to unwanted intruders. Credit card companies, as a code of service, act as shield to their clients and prevent the occurrence of unwanted transactions. But, this definitely creates need for something safer, more secured and of course, completely transparent. That is where the 100% backed wallet tokens like Noku fill the gap.

100% backed wallet tokens can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Payments

Like any other loyalty card carrying some value, crypto currency is also backed by a reserve of fiat money. Thus, a wallet token will carry the value equal to the native currency, such as 1 cryptocoin E = 1 EUR and likewise. Thus, the user will be able to make payments using token instead of the actual currency. Only limitation is that the transaction has to be digital and there is no physical transfer of cash or cheque involved.

  • Savings

You can use tokens to save money just like you create deposits in the bank. The cryptocurrency can be stored as a digital representation of gold or fiat currency. Thus, you can create lots of savings without leaving the crypto methods and can have money to spend too, without facing any charges, even if you want to send money across border. This is more like financial information of yours.

  • Trading

Yes, tokens are proving to be the easiest way of trading because of their volatile nature. These provide immense potential for making money.

So, think of giving cryptocurrnecy a try. This is certainly the next obvious development we all should be prepared for.