Pets are just awesome! For animal lovers, pet insurance is just what you need to keep your little friend secure. It covers perils such as loss and theft, behavioral problems treatment, liability cover and death by either illness or injury. Come to think of it, this is an investment worth exploring because it has your pet’s interest at heart.

Premium payable for pet insurance varies on a number of factors which include:

Size of animal

Keeping smaller pets such as rabbits, hedgehogs and hamsters that have a shorter lifespan than of bigger animals like German shepherds, fetch more premium. Smaller pets are also at risk of getting lost. This could add up to their premium.

Type of pet

Pets come with different functions for the owner. While some are just seen as friends of the family, others play a major role in the lives of their keepers. A guide dog for the blind for instance, will fetch more than cat. Exotic pets such as cheetahs go for more premium than the common bulldog. On the other hand, venomous pets are not covered but an owner should think of taking a liability cover.


When it comes to animal breeds, some are more resistant to diseases than others. Dogs such as the beagle have a tendency to become ill often. For this reason, its premium will be much higher than the Springer Spaniels which rarely fall sick. Another consideration for animal breeds is that some pets have more needs such as a regular vaccination to sustain it. If you are the owner of such a pet, get ready to invest more.

Age of your pet

How old is your pet? Very young pets and old pets fetch higher premium because of their high vulnerability. Pets over ten years are usually charged more when the owner decides to get pet insurance cover.These pets often have more health complications than those of middle age. Since this insurance policy covers more medical services, it therefore charges more for the prevalence of these animals.

Where you live

Bet you are thinking…this should have come first, but just let it be. You live in a posh neighborhood just know payments will be higher for you. This is because the vets there charge an arm and a leg for your pet’s checkup. Pet owners in areas with affordable veterinary services, will likewise pay less premium.

Potential discounts

You heard that right. If you are an owner who has insured multiple pets, chances are that you will get a discount. You can also attain discount if you had already vaccinated your pet before getting the insurance. Getting this discounts absolutely affects the premium you pay, in this case it is lowered.

Insurance policies

Premiums will definitely vary in whatever insurance covers an owner is willing to purchase. An owner who has taken a theft, fire and disease cover will pay more than one who picks policy to cover diseases only.

Now that you know the tricks of the trade, use the knowledge to maximize your pet’s safety.