Technology is a fast-moving business sector that rewards the innovative. Vipul Amin is a leading figure in the world of internet technology who has recognised major trends and then used his business acumen to develop them.

In 2000, Vipul Amin took notice of consumer habits and how people were using the internet and decided to invest in a British company called This website took advantage of the rapid penetration of fast broadband and the exponential increase of internet users, and these factors – combined with the desire to make energy pricing more transparent which resonated with frustrated consumers – made uSwitch extremely successful. The website is also considered to have started a revolution in bringing greater fairness to British consumers.

Energy is a basic commodity in daily living, and by directing resources into uSwitch, Vipul Amin made it easier for ordinary people in the UK to compare energy prices after the market was deregulated. Market deregulation had caused many energy tariffs to rise sharply, and some householders were struggling to pay these inflated bills. By using the website they could choose providers that delivered the best services at competitive rates, and in the process, Vipul Amin became recognised as a champion for consumers’ rights.
While price comparison websites are quite common these days, they were still a relatively new phenomenon when Vipul Amin decided to back uSwitch with funds and his business expertise.

Vipul Amin, pioneer and entrepreneur with uSwitch

This proved to a timely and lucrative decision, as a few years later in 2006 Vipul Amin and his founding partners capitalised on their astute assessment of new technology and the energy market by selling uSwitch at a significant profit.
Many people, however, found that uSwitch was an extremely valuable resource as it was not allied with any particular firm or provider. The website delivered an impartial and honest critique of what was available, allowing site visitors to see how they could save money on their household energy bills. Even today, uSwitch is a leading price comparison website.

Flexible skills, insights and vision

All successful businessmen are visionaries to some extent and are able to pick the best of developing technology and see how it can benefit consumers. Vipul Amin is a highly focused individual who also possesses the quality of looking at what people need now, and seeing what they will need in the future. His multi-faceted abilities enhance the earning power of around a dozen companies internationally.
Since working with uSwitch, Vipul Amin has endeavoured to bring the benefits of price comparison technology for energy suppliers to other markets, such as Turkey. By making similar technology available for Turkish consumers, it is hoped that they will be able to take advantage of better deals, save money on household bills and benefit from a more competitive market.