Are you planning to open a restaurant? If yes, then you should know all about the Licenses That You Need to Take before Opening a Restaurant.  You should be aware of inspections and license that may vary from state to state or town to town.

In some areas, you just need a basic business license to open your restaurant while in many others areas of any country may demand lots of on-site inspections and incense.

  • Business License

If you are planning to open a new restaurant, then it must exist as a legal entity at federal, state and local level. Your business must meet the terms of the guideline of business licensing. You have to register your business as a Pvt. Ltd. company or partnership firm.

  • Cabaret License

This is also a type of restaurant insurance that you should apply frequently. This is required to perform safely in your restaurant building.

  • Trade License

This is issued for a financial year and depends on the restaurant size.

  • Building License

Fire commissioners issue “building license.” This license is to verify the operational safety of the location of your restaurant. There are some requirements to earn this license including properly working fire extinguishers; emergency exits, fire escapes and other safety measures.

  • Food Handling and Safety License

Restaurant managers and owners need to complete some training before earning this license. This training may include food handling and sanitation. It may need on-site inspection and classroom certification.

  • Liquor License

This is a very important license for any restaurant, and its requirements may vary place to place. You just have to prove that you own a restaurant to get this license in some parts of US while in other parts requirements vary. Getting this license can be very tricky in many places in the US and it is very expensive to obtain it.  You should apply it early as it may take lots of time.

  • Professional Tax License

In some places, you require this license for employing salaried staff.

  • Music License

If you feature pre-recorded or live music in your restaurant, you need to get a license for this from music clearinghouses.

  • Trademark or Franchise License

There are two categories of new restaurant owners including some owners who have a brand name while others have franchised any concept.  But restaurant licenses are required by both.  If you have a franchised concept, then you often contracts with the company directly for rights to service marks and trademarks, but still, you have to requirements of specific licenses.

It may include registering T/A business entity or trading with local or state officials. But if you are an independent restaurant owner then you should conduct via trademark check.  You should check the required restaurant insurance in Houston.

Restaurant license should be included in important expenses as it can’t be avoided in any scenario. License fee also varies as it depends on location and establishment type