According to the law, you must equip your truck with and Electronic Logging Deviceto avoid legal issues and hassles. However before ELD installation there are a few things you must look into to select the right ELD system for your truck and that too fast as the ELD vendors warn motor carriers that supplies of these units are getting slimmer with each day. It is required that you do not procrastinate the matter as you will need at least six months to purchase the system, installation it, receive proper training, and for the post-production support. Therefore, time is the first thing to consider.

Type of device

Next thing to consider is the type of device that will be most suitable for your operations. Depending on your type of operation, you may need a simple logging-only system to replace the hand-written paper logs with technology. You may also choose other advanced systems that will enhance your operationssuch as a GPS tracking and engine monitoring system. This will help you to track the location of your truckand the cargo adding value to your service and improve dispatching efficiency. There are other features to capture data on speed, driver shifting, hard brakes, and much more that will help you in driver coaching.

Cost and other factors

Cost or each units must come last but certainly when you want to install ELDs in your truck. Such costs will not only include the price for purchasing but also the cost for its installation, system time charges, access fees and also ongoing support. Though cost is an important factor, but your choice must not be based on the price tag only but the value of the unit. Consider how tech savvy your drivers are and what device such as a cell phone or a laptop that will suit your fleet’s needs.