Thinking about your funeral arrangements can be a bit morbid. However, in today’s world, it has become a necessity. It might feel a little uncomfortable but think about the peace of mind your family will have when that day eventually rolls around and arrangements have already been made. Thoughtful pre-planning will spare your family the burden they will face at your demise.

Have you ever organised a funeral? An event such as this calls for handling of delicate matters and decisions that need to be taken quickly. However, you might not be in the right frame of mind to tackle them. Now imagine, putting your family through this when they are mourning you.

You are still probably thinking why Freedom Insurance for funeral makes sense, right? Well, following are three reasons why buying funeral insurance is the right move:

1.     Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones Bereft

Funeral insurance comes in many forms. Some pay lump sum money for you to take care of the entire event by yourself and some take care of the arrangement themselves. A form is provided to you where you fill in the details about all the arrangements you want made on your funeral. One way or another, the insurance policy will pay for the entire funeral including the cremation or burial, seating arrangement, wake, food and more. Each policy has a different premium and therefore, you should choose one after calculating your budget and managing your finances.

2.     Funeral Insurance is Just for Funeral Planning

A funeral insurance policy only covers the cost of the funeral. It does not cover your family’s expenses. Say your family is facing some issues during the procession. Quite a few people are walking to the wake but others need transport. This will not be covered by the insurance policy.

The good news is, like other insurance policies, a medical is not required for this. There are less stringent requirements and the application usually gets approved within 48 hours. You can take out a funeral policy even if you are single and young but in your parent’s name. This way, the premium becomes very affordable with fast payout.

3.     You Will Dodge the Debt

The problem with life insurance is that you have to wait for a long time for the pay out. In some cases, it takes months before you see the check. An additional plan is not required if you have enough saved up. However, if you don’t have access to cash, then you will face a huge problem during the funeral. Since funeral plans need to be made quickly, it is better to take out a separate funeral insurance policy. That way, your family can make up for the loss of income through the savings.

A funeral insurance policy takes care of immediate cost and hence provides your family a peace of mind. At the time, they can properly mourn you and not worry about running out of money for the funeral cost.