Almost three weeks back, the Gold Industry Group revealed its second virtual gold trail in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

The self-guided interactive journey which was based on the Kalgoorlie story took the guests all the way through eleven famous sights of historical significance while discussing the gold mining town.

The Perth Mint CEO and Gold Industry Group chairman, Richard Hayes, stated:

Kalgoorlie-Boulder is where it all started, and still today, it remains the richest source of gold in the world.

The Heart of Gold Discovery Trail’s launch was celebrated on the moment of Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s 125th anniversary of gold’s discovery.

Richard Hayes further added:

“By honouring the hardships endured by prospectors through to celebrating world-class mining operations, the trail will tell the remarkable story of the famed goldfields, and how its treasures and its people came together to shape Western Australia and our nation.”

The Heart of Gold Australia app was used to provide a captivating and educational experience with the help of tools such as audio and video recordings, attractive images, widgets and augmented reality.

The route of the trail was from Market Arcade to the Museum of the Goldfields and went all the way through Kalgoorlie’s city centre.

The digital experience was created by considering the primary and secondary school Australian curriculum and supported the long-term education initiative of the company.

Richard Hayes said:

“The Kalgoorlie trail will provide a fun and engaging experience for students, tourists and members of the community as they immerse themselves in the region’s rich mining history and learn how it continues to influence life today.”

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The First Trail

The Gold Industry Group launched its first virtual gold treasure trail in October 2017. The trailblazers received a Heart of Gold commemorative medallion when they completed it at The Perth Mint. The participants also received a 25 % discount on admission to The Perth Mint gold exhibition.

Mr Hayed stated that Australia is the second largest producer of gold in the world, with 70 % of total production being done in the west part.

The Route

The first Heart of Gold Discovery Trail extended from Elizabeth Quay to The Perth Mint. It took approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete the trail which comprised of 12 stops that were almost 2.5 kilometres long.

You could explore the golden secrets of Perth with interactive games, timeless photos, vivid videos, fun widgets, audio stories and augmented reality.

The trail entertained people of different age groups who visited the city and these people got to know the extraordinary story of gold and how it altered the city, thereby securing the future of Australia and WA.