The City of Joy which emerged as a center of architecture and administration during the British Empire is now the third-most populous metropolitan city in the country. Kolkata has been experiencing a boom in the industrial sector in the city, attracting people from all over India to create a better life for themselves.

Due to the increase in population and living costs, more people are availing personal loans in Kolkata. These personal loans in Kolkata can be availed without documents, and can be used for any personal requirement.

In this article, we’ll explain how to get personal loans in Kolkata without documents for anyone who is seeking to obtain financial assistance.

What are the uses of personal loans?

Personal loans can be taken for a myriad of reasons, including the following:

1. Paying high utility bills
2. Weddings, family functions, birthdays and parties
3. Home repairs, maintenance and renovation
4. Purchasing or repairing car/two-wheeler
5. Starting one’s own business or enterprise
6. Taking a dream holiday/vacation
7. Upgrading/repairing furniture and appliances
8. Paying school, college, tuition and other education course fees
9. Shopping
10. Debt consolidation

The need for personal loans in Kolkata without documents

There are many reasons due to which the people living in Kolkata or those who want to settle in Kolkata may want to get personal loans. However, these individuals may not possess the documents required by banks and lenders to avail a loan. For such individuals, it becomes difficult to obtain any form of credit and manage their finances.

Additionally, it becomes a hassle to maintain and provide the numerous documents and proofs required for a bank loan, which is why lenders are catering to the requirements of these borrowers. This makes the loan application process quicker and simpler for both lenders and borrowers.

Who can opt for personal loans in Kolkata without documents, and how?

Any individual who has the need to borrow capital from creditors must complete basic KYC (Know Your Customer) process which has been set by the RBI . This is a compulsory process that all banks and NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Company) must comply with in order to provide their services to customers.

As part of the personal loan eligibility criteria, customers need to provide certain KYC documents like PAN card, address proof, etc. in order to verify their identity to the lender and prevent instances of fraud. Along with the aforementioned criteria, if an individual is unable to present all the documents but is in dire need of a loan due to certain emergency, then he or she can opt for the same.

In order to get a personal loan in Kolkata without documents, keep the following key points in mind:

1. It can be availed only after KYC details are presented to the creditor.
2. The creditor will need the CIBIL report nonetheless.
3. The borrower must make sure that his or her CIBIL Score is maintained regularly.


The people who are migrating to Kolkata, may not be able to produce and present the documents immediately after their arrival. However, their needs in Kolkata will only increase with respect to the high costs of city life. Therefore it becomes an urgent matter to arrange the funds as quickly as possible.

Since personal loans are the answer to such emergency requirements, it is crucial for people to know how to attain personal loans in Kolkata without documents.