Australia is a country ripe with opportunity for entrepreneurs with the ingenuity and drive to start a business. In fact, Australia’s most bustling cities are not only home to the start-up, but also have become places where startups are nurtured. However, regardless of the type of start-up, all businesses need a place of operation.

Start-ups, by virtue of the fact that they usually operate on a shoestring budget, do not have the luxury of choosing office space in some of the more prestigious locations.

Ironically, though, to build your business you need to be in a place where you will attract business, and these places are usually in high-rent areas. Nevertheless, to avoid the high-rent trap that comes with leasing space in premium locations, consider the serviced office for your start-up. Let’s take a look at how the serviced office can meet the needs of your new business. 


Serviced offices can drastically reduce your monthly overhead. Serviced offices come furnished and with utilities and other amenities, which costs businesses much less than leasing space and then having to furnish and provide utilities and office equipment for the office.

In the end, the serviced office cuts costs for a start-up just by consolidating all office-related expenses into one payment. Check out Servcorp office space to see how you can drastically reduce your overhead.


The serviced office provides businesses with the ability to scale up or down and to relocate. While your business is growing, you might find your current office space suitable. However, in a few years when your company begins to grow, you want to be able to transition into a place easily.

 Many serviced office plans allow for their tenants to modify their leases, so if they need more office space or need to downsize they can do so. Relocating is also made easier and more efficient through the serviced office. As opposed to planning for a move that would logistically take nine months, you can essentially move your business to a new location, if your leasing office has more than one location nationally and internationally. 

Leasing Options  

Typical leases require you commit to a protracted term, in addition to putting a hefty deposit. In fact, many leases require you commit to at least a year, and to get a break on the lease, they want you to commit to a lengthier term.

However, because your business is a start-up, you do not know whether you will be open for six months, a year, or even longer. The serviced office lease is much shorter than traditional leases, as short as a month. For the start-up, this can alleviate being bound to a lease for a time longer than you can afford.


If your business needs to be centrally located or in a location that generates traffic, but these locations are out of your price range, the serviced office can provide you with a reasonable alternative to traditional office space.

Not only are these offices in high traffic locations, but they are also in some of the most well-established, affluent areas in the city. With a serviced office, your business has a prestigious address and phone number, which boosts your business’s image.

Serviced Offices That Fit Your Start-Up

The beauty of the start-up is that the office can be fitted out for your business’s needs. As your business grows, the serviced office can help you with outfitting your space to meet the business’s needs. More significantly, the serviced office makes transitioning into a larger space effortless, efficient and easy.