The printing industry has been developed a lot in recent times. The technology changes played a vital role in the printing field and it helps to improve their business with more profits. The recent trend in printing industry is 3D printing which has more advantages and disadvantages too. Introduction of 3D printing helps a lot by delivering the design quickly and accurately from the functional material.

It helps the designers to make better decisions thus results in giving perfect output in the products and they will deliver the optimal products with the help of 3D printing. The 3D printing will speed up the work compared to traditional manufacturing works in printing industry like book printing in sivakasi. Saving a time is the most important thing in this industry so that they can deliver large number of products within short period of time.

The cost is the most common factor in the printing field and it broke down into three costs categories like machine operation costs, material cost and labour costs. One of the main advantages of 3D printing is lower the labour cost with the help of automation and we can expect perfect delivery of large number of products at high costs. Additive manufacturing at low volumes is very competitively costed compared to traditional manufacturing.

The customization is the attractive feature in 3D printing. In traditional printing we can’t able to predict the exact output of the product but in 3D printing the design requirements are completed in pre-setup and thus we can get our satisfying products and the designers have a large amount of design freedom and enables the easy creation of very complex geometries.

The 3D printing has lot of advantages and in many field, they are using for faster and better output to improve the business. 3D printers are used in architecture and construction and it presents you the house that came out of a printer. The architects are doing fantastic experiments with the 3D printing technology and built some beautiful buildings of the industrial revolutions.

The 3D printing in the medical field plays a vital role all over the world and do you know the Ottawa hospital in Canada used 3D printing for education, surgical, planning and research. They are using 3D printing technologies at the time of operation and it quickly becoming an important part of medical workflow and in many surgical centres.

 In education the 3D printing technologies build the gap between the physical experiments and the digital screen. They will bring the objects out from the computer screen and given into the hands of the students for inspection, analysis, and other process. Now the engineering students can submit their prototypes for the final projects with the help of 3D printing.

Graphical students can print out the 3D version of the project easily and the geographical students can easily take the print out the topography, demographics or the population maps. Automotive students can able to develop the blueprint of machines easily for the testing.