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Negotiated Home Loan Rates Not Advertised by Banks


The natural instinct a potential homeowner has when it comes to home loan application is to go to their bank. This is the most common way to gain access to a lump sum of money to pay for a home. Banks, although ready to help, ask for a long list of documents and requirements from each client. After going through all the hoops many are still denied from getting a loan. This can be worrisome and stressful for a person to handle.

Instead of proceeding with the home loan application by yourself, why not work with the mortgage brokers at If you’re a bit hesitant, here are some of the best advantages mortgage brokers offer that might convince you otherwise:

1. Flexible Time

Banks are known to keep strict hours and it is very rare for any bank to accommodate clients after hours. A mortgage broker, on the other hand, does not stick to a very strict schedule. Many will work to meet with you at a time and a place that is most convenient for your schedule. This means you don’t have to take time off work just to discuss home loan options.

2. They Handle The Grunt Work

The paperwork and documentation involved with a home loan application are enough to make you quit mid-processing. There are so many requirements to pass and papers to fill up that potential homeowners do not have time to attend to. Working with a knowledgeable mortgage broker will cut down the grunt work significantly. Companies like will guide you through the application process and handle all the necessary paperwork. This gives you more time to plan your dream home and focus on work.

3. Expert Loan Comparison

When you apply for a loan there are different circumstances and factors worth considering. One is access to different major lenders in the market. This is a job a mortgage broker can handle easily. They have access to inside information about lenders and banks and give you the best loan term options that fit your goals and future plans. Loan comparison becomes stress-free and convenient for everyone.

4. Pre-Qualification Check

Banks keep track of people who want to borrow money from them. Each time you send an application for a home loan and get denied, this affects your credit score. This makes it even harder to find lenders who will approve your loan application. Mortgage brokers have a secret weapon against this screening process.

To lessen the chances of getting denied, again and again, brokers use a tool to weed out lenders who are most likely to deny your application. Their software comes up with a list of lenders who are most likely to approve your home loan based on your credit scores, goals, and payment capability. No need to worry about damaging your current credit scores with the help of a professional.

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