Business management is the most crucial part in the business and needs to exercise caution with their financial decisions right from the beginning. We must organise a business to become more profitable. We have to monitor certain things regularly to save our time and stress. The role of technology in business make way to simplify the work to increase the productivity of an organisation.

The organization trying to catch the new digital where everyone having their own smartphone in hands where we can operate our works from home or while travelling. The computer is now shifting to our mobile devices and the rise of mobile technology trying to keep up with the latest trends to connect with the customers and to manage our workflow easily.

Even though the printing business such as met pet printing also using the android apps for better improvement and to engage with their valued customers. The android apps ease the work of management also we can keep the track of everything even if you’re running for the meeting at any time. Let us see the important android business management apps to grow our business in efficient manner.


Asana is an excellent android app for the business people where we can assign the task to everyone in the organization which help us to stay organized and productive. We can create tasks for individual projects also tracking of the project is very easy now with this android, iOS app. You can also set the date of the project so that it helps you to stay on top of everything that is going on at your business.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics apps is very useful for the business people to track the status of the website and monitoring the website is now very easy by gathering real time data, acquisition data, audience insights, behaviours and conversations. Now engage the audience easily with this android app by analysing the reports immediately.


Is it possible to handle multiple social media accounts at a time for your business? Hootsuite android app helps you to monitor social media accounts at one screen. You can post it directly in FB, Twitter, LinkedIn from your smartphone with the help of Hootsuite. Try this app now and keep in touch with your customers through all the social media.


Trello allows you to manage your team effectively that combines project and task management with simple interface. This will show your status of the project visually where the project is condensed down to a task which is represented by various cards in trello app that enables us to move through different stages of completion.

Google Drive/Docs:

The free cloud storage device helps you to store various files of your projects easily with a single click. It empowers small business to get instant access across all of their devices to their docs, files, images, videos and more. This app is mostly used as back-up system and it crossed more than 200 million users although it was launched four years ago. You can connect with your co-workers easily where they can view and download the respective files easily at any time.