Australia has some beautiful coastlines. People are taking notice of the beauty of the coast and the real estate market for these areas is expanding. Many people want to move towards the coastline. My Money House can help people check their credit and get the funding that they need to purchase a home. People are finding a nice place on a coastal inlet to live and to play.

 Indented Head is between Portarlington and St. Leonards and is one of the last places to be discovered by the public as a place to live. Buyers are now looking at this little area as a great place to buy a home. This will allow a person to live by the sea and allow them to step out of their door onto the beach.

 According to real estate agents in the area, there is a strong market right now. In December the sales of homes in this area were strong. The market improves in this month. They are expecting sales to continue to be high and people to continue to purchase into 2020. A person can find out if they can get the funds they need and more information about a mortgage by visiting My Money House.

 Indented Head is an area filled with natural beauty. This is a small area too. There is one general store in the entire location. This area is great for those that want to get away from the busy life and enjoy their home in an area that has a slower pace. This area has some of the best beaches on the coast so it is attractive to those looking to go on a vacation or those looking to make it their permanent residence.

 The home prices in Indented Head rose just over 5 percent in the past year. The average home price is $592,000 and this is the sale of 26 properties.

 The majority of people purchasing a home in this area are from Melbourne. They are looking to live a quieter life and want to be right on the beach.

 Buyers are also looking to purchase an investment property. They are looking for a home to rent out and they are also looking for one to go away on a vacation. The streets that are close to the beach are the most popular and the most desired by the buyers.

 Based on information about these houses the average home for sale in the Indented Head spends 147 days on the market. The last seven sales spend under 100 days on the market. some homes do not stay on the market for anywhere near this long. A three-bedroom ranch style home spends just 20 days on the market before it was sold. Some factors do affect the sale. Price is the top influence followed by the size of the home. These houses are so close to the beach that a person can walk to it. The homes in this area will not be on the market for too long.

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