It seems like implementing a CRM solution is not as easy as you may believe or, at least, not without a serious amount of knowledge in this field. Most companies that deploy CRM solutions complain about the resilience of people towards them. In some situations, the resistance coming from employees is so intense that it leads to the failure of the solution implementation process in the organization. The new technologies that were lately integrated in companies’ strategies are extremely helpful if you know how to handle them. Check out the official site of this CRM vendor for more info about this topic.

Wrong perceptions of CRM solutions

  • The application purchases is difficult to use

When too much data waits to be entered in the app’s platform, when too much clicks here and there are required to set up a record or when the login process it a little bit too difficult to handle, people start panicking and develop a wrong perception of what using CRM solutions actually means. When learning about the existence of errors that may make the employees have to re-enter some data or participate in a training to know how to use the platform, they tend to reject the implementation of it. The secret in order to avoid these kinds of reactions is by choosing the appropriate type of CRM program. If not careful when making this choice, as a business owner you might regret the decision you made in no time. This is the reason why carefully reading about each platform’s features should be the first step taken.

  • CRM is perceived as a control tool

When employees hear about the implementation of a CRM solution, they tend to refuse its use simply because they believe it enhances the control of management upon them. They believe each manager wants to implement a CRM solution to be more aware of what’s happening between employees. These are just a few of the many comments that circulate between vendors when introducing a CRM for the very first time. Yet, the truth is their opinion change completely the moment they start to notice the many benefits it has for a company and the way their use ease each process and activity within it.

  • People are not aware of its benefits

The system requires the uploading of a large amount of information and, at the same time, it might place the employees in a difficult situation in reaching this information (or at least they do not know how to get it) if training is not imposed People enter the necessary data but there are no syntheses, reminders, sorting possibilities, etc. Yet, choosing a good CRM system will offer you exactly those things that could ease the work of both vendors and clients while making them consider the app as a useful tool. Any leading software used has benefits and you and your employees need to be aware of their existence.

  • CRM is perceived as a way of reduce people’s freedom

The system asks for data about the activities that make up a standard sales process. Learning to work independently, each according to its own model, employees may consider CRM as a tool that limits their freedom. The truth is that CRM systems simply unify the information and the freedom of each employee is not limited anyhow. A manager would set responsibilities for each employee no matter the method of doing it.

Trusty vendors

  • bpm’online

One of the first CRM vendors that you should consider is bpm’online. With the software you will find there, you can cover all the necessities of a business. Full visibility is obtain by simply implementing a user-friendly platform that your employees will surely know how to use from the very beginning, so there is no risk of rejection. Plus, each tools is easy to use and has amazing results.

Exploring the features of this vendor is paramount, since it offers each and every thing a business owner might want for its company and employees. Stay connected and  access your information rapidly with the help of it.

The same goes with Process Street. You can try it for free for a short amount of time in order to see if your employees can handle it or not. Once you do that, you will know for sure whether you want to implement it or not.