Making that important choice of choosing the perfect kind of business answering service will at the end of the day depend upon various factors. Different answering services can provide a range of functions at diverse price levels, in which case, small business owners should ask themselves certain questions, such as whether a real person is needed to answer phone calls, or can an automated voice message system conduct the same job well enough.

Once their specific needs have been decided upon, however, then any small business proprietor can then make the choice of the most beneficial, affordable solution.

Customer Compatibility

One factor which comes into when it comes to choosing the ideal small business answering service will be the complexity of customers’ questions and queries, and reason for calling. A number of caller inquiries can be made mostly by way of an automated or voice-activated telephone menu, although this may be seen by some people as being somewhat impersonal and unprofessional.

  • A live answering service is normally more preferable when handling calls, especially when the calls are complicated ones.

Therefore, it definitely helps things out by having a 24-hour answering service constantly available to deal with any immediate and urgent kinds of questions.

Taking Calls 24/7

Another important issue is if it is of importance for business owners to access their messages at all times. Some customers may get frustrated with a business whose workers are unable to answer inquiries outside of normal business hours. In which case, it makes common sense that businesses would clearly benefit from a company which can provide a reliable after-hours phone service, which manages call taking on nights and weekends.

Order Processing

One other important thing to think about is whether or not you need order-processing capabilities.

  • A company which sells products or services and takes customer information will have to decide whether they need sales staff.
  • Plus, is customer privacy important, and if so how to make sure that people’s data stays confidential and private.


Nowadays, the popular solution for a lot of companies is the virtual answering service. This offers a lot more than just call answering and message taking.

  • The ideal company can arrange for different options, such as an advanced voicemail service, overflow call handling, 24/7 emergency response, media response and requests for brochures and more.

Maximising Potential

For many smaller business owners, matters of revenue and prestige are vital and a message taking service will assist in maximising a company’s earning potential, and also ensure that every customer inquiry is seen to.

Selecting which business answering service works best, can also depend on matters of budget. There are some services which will even provide a free trial period, so why not give it a go and try one out?