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Healthy Results: 6 Ways Employee Wellness Improves Productivity


There’s very little chance that you’ve missed the social media posts of employees sharing their fitness scores and ranks. Even before FitBit made it cool, employee wellness programs have become a regular part of any company’s employee engagement strategies, as well as a way to attract top new talent to the company’s rosters.

And, no wonder. With 80% of employees in companies with well-designed and managed health programs reporting that they feel engaged in their work, and feel valued by their employers.

But, what about productivity when it comes to the work output? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the top six ways employee wellness programs boosts your employees’ productivity and cranks up their engagement.

1.The Key Benefit of Employee Wellness Programs: Happier Employees

Alright, so we know that the definition of happiness can be a bit tricky to pin down. However, when we speak about happy employees, we mean they’re enjoying higher rates of endorphins, which is known as the ‘happy’ hormone.

In the simplest of terms, any form of exercise will lead to the release of endorphins through the body. Therefore, even a tiny bit of exercise, like a short walk during the day can truly boost your employees’ moods, which has a concrete effect on their productivity.

2.Healthier Employees

There’s no denying the direct relationship between our nutrition, exercise, and the effects they have on our health.

By integrating employee wellness programs into the company culture, you’re indirectly creating an atmosphere where healthier lifestyle choices are desirable. In addition to increasing your employees’ awareness of the importance of healthy eating, it also highlights the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep, and a run every morning.

All of these factors contribute to the overall health of your workforce, and a healthy workforce won’t cost you millions of dollars due to health care costs, as well as countering the epidemic of absenteeism.

Therefore, healthy employees are more productive than ones who aren’t.

3.Friendlier Employees Who Enjoy Teamwork

One of the greatest perks of wellness programs is creating this sense of community and friendship in the workplace. By working together, whether during workouts or group exercises, gives your employees the opportunity to support and encourage each other to be healthier.

This model will mimic the way these same employees will be working together on projects and other tasks that require a degree of teamwork. You can also have department-based events, or team events like athletic leagues, which will give them some safe space to let off some competitive steam, as well as spend more time together outside of their workday.

After any sort of wellness event, you’ll find that more and more staff members are forging friendships and bonding in an organic way, without any of the awkwardness that tends to cling to any company-operated ice-breaking events.

4.Employees Who Are More Confident

Take a quick look through any social media platform, and look through health or fitness-based posts. You’ll find that many of them revolve around being fit, losing excess weight, or being an athlete.

The common factor in all of those posts is the sheer confidence portrayed by the people in those pictures. The same idea applies to your employees. Once they work on becoming more fit and healthy, you’ll start seeing an obvious boost in their confidence levels.

Confident employees tend to go about their day with great enthusiasm, which directly affects their productivity. Also, they’re less likely to shy away from sharing new ideas and thoughts with their coworkers. All of those factors lead to the creation of better leaders, who aren’t afraid to think outside the box.

Furthermore, it isn’t only about confidence, but also raising morale. When you have more confident employees on hand, they’re more inclined to look at problems and other situations with positive attitudes. An increase in positive attitude in the work environment is the definition of high morale.

5.Employees Who Are Money-Savvy

We’ve covered a lot of benefits of the physical and fitness-based employee programs. However, wellness can include other types of programs that still affect the well-being of your employees.

For example, providing financial literacy courses and access to resources like the payactiv platform can improve their lives and the lives of their families. Happy and healthy employees equal employees that are grateful to their company for those opportunities.

This means that these employees have a higher chance of sticking to your company for the long haul. After all, employee retainment is a critical factor to a company’s reputation, business growth, and even the employees’ productivity levels.

You won’t have to invest more in new employees at the drop of a hat, which is a great return-on-investment, considering that most employee wellness programs are rather small and low in costs.

6.New Employees of Talent

Once you showcase your solid wellness programs, you can use them to attract prospective employees. Most workers will say that they consider wellness programs to be huge perks, so they’ll go out of their way to try and join companies that offer them.

It might sound a bit shallow on the part of prospective employees. However, it’s not only about free exercises and healthy snacks for them. Wellness programs are a strong indicator of the health of a company’s culture, and the company’s willingness to support its employees.

Ready to Boost Your Business’ Productivity?

We know that employee wellness programs might seem a bit too complex and draining for small businesses to establish. However, that couldn’t be further away from the truth.

Hopefully, our little guide of the top six benefits of having an employee wellness program in terms of productivity rates was enough to change your mind.

But, for now, you’ll want to keep up-to-date with the latest business tips and strategies for business growth and financial wellbeing. So make sure to check out our ‘business startup’ and ‘loan tips’ section for all the information you could possibly need to not only run your business but to also increase its growth by tenfold.

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