Today we will be talking about a very interesting topic and it is of the utmost importance or because having a credit line with a bank is very important. We know that the vast majority of people are always doing these types of questions, so our financial experts of FNBNorcal have decided to play this point that really concerns us all. Because we must remember that being informed of the advantages and disadvantages that accompany a credit with a bank is a frightened that we all should study for the future of our economy.

Among the advantages that include banking experts consulted we can indicate the following:

  1. The mortgage credit has an initial quota, which we know that in some cases comes to be one-third of the traditional mortgage credit.
  2. People have a less rugged than that of a traditional credit: that is to say that a monthly fee is lower than the traditional mortgage that allows you to take credit access with a higher income.
  3. You can save up to 10% in the first three years if low inflation: this is going to be linked to that by paying a lower than that of the traditional credit you have the possibility to access a different credit card and keep the difference of what you would pay in a fixed-rate financing.
  4. The disadvantages are that:
  5. The value of each of the shares of a mortgage credit and capital is updated with inflation: It has the main disadvantage that we can find in a mortgage credit affiliated with any institution real estate.
  6. It is said that no bank will provide the applicant with the 100% of the value of the home: so, therefore, you have to have between 250 the 30% of the value of the property as a savings and in addition have to have extra money for closing costs and any commission of real estate.
  7. In the longer credit, fewer years you can have a maximum of the applicant: this is due to the fact that the bank is betting that the appropriation is canceled to the 65 years of the person.

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