The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that full-time and salary working women made a median weekly earning that was 82% of what men made. But lower income is not the only challenge facing women today. Women also have a longer lifespan, meaning they’ll need to support themselves for a much longer time than men will.

Women also need to take periods of time away from work for pregnancy and child care. (Although some super women manage to somehow do both at the same time). These times away from work can make it more challenging to advance or may mean less pay.

But working your 9 to 5 isn’t the key to real wealth anyway. Freedom Debt Relief reviews money management and investing is how real wealth is grown.Think about it this way: unless your salary is ridiculously larger than how much you spend each month, you’ll never have enough for big future expenses or retirement. You need your money to work for you while you are sleeping, which means you need to position yourself so your investments accumulate interest. But don’t quit your job; you’ll need that money to start investing.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews steps women should take to grow their finances.

Invest Early

While we may not be able to change that men make a higher median income right this second, we do have other options. Women need to take advantage of compound interest. Compound interest means that your investment makes interest not just on the principal you put in but also on the interest you’ve already accumulated.

This leads to a snowball effect that brings huge wealth over a long time horizon. And the best part is the most important aspect of compound interest is not the size of the initial principal but rather the amount of time the investment has had to snowball.

So women can actually take advantage of their longer life expectancy. Women who invest young can take advantage of an enormous time horizon. This means young women in their twenties can and should invest with a more aggressive asset allocation (which usually means more stocks). Freedom Debt Relief reviews sit back and reinvest cash each month so you can watch your account grow.

Budget Well

With a more limited median income, women need to use their money even more wisely. Freedom Debt Relief reviews there is no better way to accurately track your money than a good old-fashioned budget. Make investments and saving a mandatory item line on your expense side. Also on the expense line should be accessible savings or a “nest egg.”  You’ll want about 3 to 6 months worth of living expenses in your nest egg in case any sort of emergency arises.

Ask an Expert

They say the best way to avoid mistakes is to learn from someone who has already made them. Freedom Debt Relief reviews women don’t need to reinvent the wheel when investing. Consider enlisting some financial help. Having someone adept at finances from the beginning sets you on the right path to growing wealth. Just make sure that whichever financial advisor you choose is a fiduciary at all times (meaning they are always legally obligated to put your best interests first).

As financial expert and co-founder of Freedom Debt Relief, Andrew Housser reminds people, you have to make sure that the expert you are looking to is one that you can trust. The very reason that Housser got into the business of debt relief was to help bridge the expertise gap between consumers and debt collectors.