If you want to create an impression while allowing the attendees to a business meet or for any occasion to enjoy the best coffee there are a few things you must consider while ordering the coffee cups. There are a lot of different varieties of coffee cups available in different sizes, styles and colors. If you want to create a greater impact then you can order customizable paper coffee cups. Capacity of the cups is the first thing to consider. Depending on your budget and need you may choose a standard 10, 12 or 20 oz. single wall coffee cups. The flat, folded and glued cups are roughly cylindrical in shape.

The heat factor

While serving hot beverage, it is important that the hands of the person are not burnt. For this you may want to but insulated coffee cup sleeve and to prevent “double cupping” to reduce cost and misuse. If you use single wall cups then these sleeves are best to use. You can even print your event theme or business logo for advertisement and better mileage. These sleeves are also known as coffee clutches, cozies, paper zarfs, hot cup jackets, coffee collars and cup holders. It will add color to the product line as well.

Material and structure

The material and structure of the paper coffee cups are two other important factors to look out. Few cups as well as the sleeves are made from fluted corrugated paperboard or cardboard. These cups provide superb insulating properties as compared to the embossed structure of coffee cups. These recyclable paper materials are disposable and therefore will have no adverse effect on the environment as well. Make sure that if you customize the paper cups with business logo or any other print, it must be printable so that the ink or the image on it is clear and perfect.