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Electronic Money Payment Solutions for Business 2021


Plenty of changes happened since the time of the Stone Age until now in the way of making payments. Every period of time, humans with different technology, tried to make life easier; however, we should admit that Digital payment methods are changing and in the last five years we saw so much improvement in this sphere. Businesses and companies are interested in faster, safer, and payment methods that can be used every day. As cash is becoming out of date and we are in the time of COVID-19, transactions that are contactless can be more useful. Digitization of payments was a big step to achieve more ease and secure payments method; However because the process is new, we decided to introduce some of the trending and best Electronic Money payments methods or banks for Business in this short article. 

Electronic Payment Method 

An electronic Payment is a way to make a transaction without using cash or checks. This way will happen through electronic platforms. Devices with “Biometric Authentication” is one of the electronic payment methods that Businesses really interested in. This method for more security and safety, uses fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, iris recognition, heartbeat analysis, and vein mapping to prevent any dangerous events for users. In this case, we can speak about Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, we should not forget about Credit Cards like Visa, which are improving in this sphere too. 

“Mobile point of sales” (mPOS) is another path for payment. Convenient payment is the top priority of any business. Mobile POS systems are tablets, smartphones, or other wireless devices that with the app and card reader will process the payments so simply. “Contactless payment” is the most popular and more in use way that is available for users, especially businesses. There are so many Mobile payment apps that allow you to do transactions in an easy way. Venmo, Paypal, and E-Wallets are in this category. Most consumers are turning to this method because it is safer and faster compared to other methods, especially traditional cash methods. 

However here we need to mention other ways that are available and still in the process to become popular among users. “Social media payment” options and “Smart speakers” are in this group. As these options are newer than others, users still have trust issues with these methods. “Smart Card” or “Chip Card” is also another important method that is safer and under the use by users more than Social Media and Smart Speakers but still they need to progress in this sphere. 


Electronic Payment is the future. Nowadays almost this type of payment is used by most people. In coming years we will observe the changes from physical to digital transactions and in this way, many brands will appear and disappear. This article tried to inform businesses about the available and possible electronic types of payments that can help for better and safer money transactions.


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