Insurance is something we cannot afford to be without these days, and like most other industries, the health insurance sector has shifted its focus to providing services online. There are many benefits for the consumer with online ordering, as the costs for the insurance provider are much less, as they do not need to add to their existing office set up, and staffing can be kept to a minimum.

Long Term Medical Insurance

There are some online insurers who focus on long term family medical insurance, and if you need a medical insurance solution in HK, for instance, there is one local provider who can offer you a 10-year cover package, and you only pay a premium for the first 6 years, making it very affordable. Not only that, at the end of the term, they will refund you 108% of all the premiums you paid! Family cover is important, what with the cost of medical treatment at present, you cannot afford to overlook comprehensive medical insurance, and with online insurance providers, you can tailor the package to suit your needs.

Elite Medical Insurance

Some people lead extremely busy lives and want something that will cover them for a lifetime, and with worldwide coverage, it matters not where you are when you need treatment. The cover is limited to just over HK$23M as an annual limit, which would more than cover anything that might occur.

Standard Family Cover

You can cover your family up to HK$1M for just a few dollars a day, which really help with a hospitalisation, and with this basic form of cover, you are protected against a sudden illness or accident. Online solutions allow you to easily compare, which ensures you will get the optimum coverage for your money, and by dealing with a market leader, you can be sure to have a wider range of packages to choose from.

Comprehensive Family Medical Insurance

One can take out a policy that includes hospitalisation, plus pre and post-admission expenses, with cancer treatment also covered, along with any dialysis treatment. This type of insurance would allow any member of your family instant hospital admission, without having to pay a deposit, which is essential if you want to be confident of swift action, and with the insurance company taking care of everything, you have nothing to pay when you are discharged.

Compare Quotes

Most reputable online medical insurance providers would have an online compare quote feature, which makes it easy to source similar packages and ensure that you are, in fact, getting value for money. This facility has revolutionised the way we purchase insurance, and the client can source as many quotes as they like, all with a few mouse clicks.

Soon we will be doing just about everything online, and this is good news for the modern consumer, as lower prices and added convenience make the experience so much better.