Credit cards are indeed our go-to solution to support our lifestyle that is considering literally every bit of it. Starting from financial plans to spending habits be it food, clothing, home appliances etc., a credit card is something everyone must-have.

A credit card offers its users to spend money up to a limit that is set by your credit card provider. The period to return back the balance with interest is also set up credit card providers and accordingly, you have payback on time.

With a number of credit card options available in the market, it may get a little confusing in choosing the best credit card for yourself.

However, in order to choose one, you must keep three vital points in mind and they are as follows:

  • How you spend
  • The charge of annual and renewal fee
  • Interest rates

As there are a variety of cards available for each type of lifestyle, it is very important to take note of these three factors and see accordingly which scheme fits your pattern perfectly.

For example, if you have a high expenditure per month in terms of shopping or picking up groceries, shopping cards offer many discounts and gift vouchers that can act as great deals for them. On the other hand, taking note of interest rates is also very important as high-interest rates will burn your pocket tremendously. Last but not least, along with credit card benefits, be sure to check annual and renewal fees.

There are some different types of cards available which are travel cards, shopping cards, fuel cards etc. Citibank is known to provide some really good credit cards with great benefits all over India.

Citibank now offers to avail for a credit card online with an extremely easy procedure.

It takes hardly five steps to complete the same and you can get the credit card delivered at your doorstep.

Step 1: Go to the website

Step 2: Click on the option of first time user and choose register now

Step 3: Select Credit Card from the drop-down menu

Step 4: Fill the application form with the details requested and submit it accordingly

Step 5: After doing so, go further to eligibility check and verification

Step 6: You will have your application processed and verified with OTP and all.

Step 7: You will receive your pin in separate mail and the card will be sent to your address.

Step 8: Activate the card by swiping it.

With these steps, the application of Citibank credit card application process has been made much simpler for all first-time users. You can now also check the Citibank credit card application status easily. For the same, just visit this page.

To check your Citibank credit card application status, you just have to enter your application ID and area pin code. The other methods or ways are by providing your DOB, phone number or by simply visiting the nearest Citibank branch in your locality.

You can also get access to your Citibank credit card application status offline by calling Citibank Customer Care.

Last but not least, if you’re a credit card owner, it is also very important for you to know how to use it wisely. Make a habit to always check your debt-to-income ratio. This will ensure that you have a track of how much additional credit you can handle. Also, keep a note of how many credit cards you require based on your lifestyle and what is your credit history and credit score.