The use of social media to boost a business’s reputation has grown steadily over the past decade with business networking site LinkedIn now boasting a user base of more than 500 million people. It is more important than ever to ensure the strategy you are employing for your professional brand is optimising all opportunities to build brand awareness.

With the help of the social media team at Adoni Media, here are some tips to help you build your professional brand on LinkedIn.

Employee interaction:

Your employees can be some of your most influential and loyal advocates for your brand. By ensuring they are following your company’s LinkedIn Business Page you can begin to expand and grow your resources and audience by tapping into their existing connections. Similarly, encouraging employees to engage with content will increase the visibility of your company page on LinkedIn and spread content among their networks, which will increase your audience.

LinkedIn group involvement:

Actively taking part in LinkedIn Groups that are involved with other businesses and industry professionals within your field can be a great new way to create contacts.  Through this channel you can share content and drive higher engagement levels while still being able to gain valuable audience insight and attract visitors to your company page.

Post valuable content:

Ensuring followers are kept engaged and interested by your company’s content is paramount and considered one of the best ways to expand your audience. Posting appealing content on a regular basis will help reach a larger audience as followers share and comment on posts. Publishing original and valuable content is essential, sharing external articles may also prove beneficial as it demonstrates your company is active within your industry.