If we analyse the bitcoin price chart and bitcoin price history, it will be safe to say that present scenario is the best time for people to invest in bitcoin. When looked at it from the point of view of Indian Currency, Bitcoin price has continued to rise for months at a stretch and this upward graph depicting the prices of various crypto currencies has become a common trend indicating the risk free nature of the investment in cryptocurrencies. Although, each cryptocurrency does face a lot of fluctuation, there is still an indisputable increase in bitcoin value. The exchange rate of 1 BTC in INR is always shown by a six digit number. The proportion of the current bitcoin price in rupees is extremely surprising.

However, Bitcoin wasn’t priced so high in history. Initial BTC rates were very low, but in 2017, the exchange market of cryptocurrencies witnessed a big boom in its prices making cryptocurrencies and bitcoin the perfect place to invest in.  Not everybody could fully utilise its potential because of the demonizing and constant demeaning of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general by the Indian Information channels. It is advisable for the buyers to cross check and verify the Bitcoin price chart to make more reliable predictions about the future of bitcoin. Many exchange platforms provides with bitcoin price live to help buyers in making an informed decision.

Bitcoin price today in INR

Current bitcoin value is far greater than what it used to be a few months ago. The exchange rates of cryptocurrencies witness a lot of fluctuations which makes them very unpredictable. If we analyse the bitcoin chart showing the history of exchange rates of BTC to INR, we’ll conclude that the highest value that BTC reached was in December 2017. However, bitcoin price today is also quite remarkable. There are various platforms which provides with multiple reports that comment on the present BTC price and its possible exchange rate. If we want to conclude all these reports and analysis with one line, we can safely say that the price of cryptocurrency is increasing everyday by multiple folds and Bitcoin is leading this market. If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies then it’ll be profitable to invest in it in present than in future.

How is Bitcoin made?

Bitcoin is not a product of any bank or government but a product of exchangers themselves. Bitcoins are generated with the help of computers which are specially designed to do constant mathematical actions. Using these computers, new cryptographic combinations are found that are known as bitcoins. Every bitcoin is a unique combination of these cryptographic combinations and this task of generating bitcoins is termed as mining and the task performers are known as miners. This means everyone who owns a computer can generate bitcoins and be a miner. For the generation of each bitcoin, he can get his share by selling it in the market in exchange for INR. Also, no matter how small the share is of the bitcoin that a miner gets, it’ll still be huge when exchanged for INR.