In every small business, at some point of time, anyone who has put in some of his/her efforts for the building up of the business or firm expects a portion of ownership of the company. Thus, it is the sole responsibility of the founders to share the equities in such a way that would be fair on all grounds and there would be minimum chances of disagreements. The following section enlightens some ways through which sharing of equity can be done in any small business. Visit Angel Broking to get more information in this context.


The founding members of the business can make use of the following ways to share equity in their company:

  • The whole process can be done using electronic tools rather than putting in manual efforts. The electronical method saves time and is more streamlined and efficient as compared to the same work when done manually. Some tools like eShares can be easily used to share the equity in an efficient manner. At present, there are a lot of tools and resources available that can be highly helpful in smooth sharing of equities.
  • In a small business it would be better to Visit members are considered for equity sharing. The division should always be based on how much efforts that the members have put in and not on the mere capital investments by certain members. However, the future career plans of the members should also be given equal weightage along with the efforts for a justified sharing of equity.
  • Sweat equity or the equity division basing on the efforts that the members have put in outweighs even the person or the founding member who came up with the core idea of the business. It is of course true that the business would not have been possible without the main idea, but the concept of sweat equity plays a far more crucial role in the proper functioning of the company or business. And this is quite a vital point especially in small business. In certain cases, the person who comes up with the idea is the one who puts in most of the efforts but this is not always true.
  • It’s better to lock up the emotions far away from sharing of equity. The frequently occurring scenario is that the founding members are generally connected as friends or relatives. However, this should not be the judging ground while sharing the equity. Generally, the inclination goes biased towards the near and dear ones, towards the ones with whom interaction happens on a frequent basis but the founder members need to put in some efforts for a justified sharing of equity.
  • Vesting of the equity shares is another vital thing that needs to be done. Since the future is always unpredictable, vesting ensures that no mishap happens in the future. Vesting refers to the dormancy of the shares for a specific time period for which the shares are vested. For example, if a founder has a majority of shares which are vested for 5 years, he cannot exercise his control over the shares for 5 years although he owns them. This implies that he cannot leave the business as well. It is thus vital to subject all the shares to vesting restrictions.
  • Last but not the least have patience and do not rush while making the decisions. Sharing of equity should be done after a thorough consultation session and after listening to everyone’s concerns.


The sharing of equity might be one of the toughest tasks especially in a small business. However, if the above mentioned ways are adopted, things can be a lot smoother and efficient.