It’s really rewarding to own a car for the first time. But since it’s not cheap to own a car in Singapore, it’s necessary to always keep your car in good working condition. From knowing the basic safety measures in maintaining your car up to making sure that you are covered by one of the best car insurance companies in Singapore, there are a lot more responsibilities tied with owning a car.

It’s not that you have to be extremely knowledgeable about technicalities of automobile functions, but you need to be familiar with the basic things that will keep your car in good condition.

Of course, it all starts with you. You are the one holding the stick and doing the maneuver. You’ve got to make sure that you are responsible on the road by following the basic traffic rules and regulations. In this way, you can keep your car away from any damage and possible breakdowns in the future.

Next order of business is to always check the car battery. This is one of the vital parts of your vehicle, that’s why it has to be maintained all the time. Otherwise, your vehicle will be useless. Always inspect the battery case for any scratch or if it’s swollen or misshapen. You should also look for leaks as it’s one of the most common reasons for malfunctioning battery.

You should also give importance to your tires. One of the most important safety cautions is ensuring that the tyres are always in good condition. Examine your tyre before going out on the road by checking the rubber and surface to ensure that there are no nails or other debris that can cause a flat tyre. For a broken tyre, the least you can experience is getting towed. But the worst is, well, a road accident. Some car insurance company also covers tyre breakdown incidents. Check out some of the best deals that include roadside assistance in case of emergencies.

To be honest, no one can say that they never had a car-related inconvenience. There are a lot of possible reasons for a car to breakdown, and most of these are unprecedented. From having a damaged drive belt to an overheating engine, you’re sure to encounter at least one of these inconveniences in your lifetime along the road.

If you happen to hear any unusual sounds coming from the car, you don’t think twice of bringing it to the mechanic. At the first sign of any broken or damaged parts of your car, do not hesitate to contact the workshop and schedule an essential car check.

It is, indeed, extremely dangerous to worrying all the time if your car will malfunction while in the middle of the road. Especially if your worry is somehow related to damaged brakes. Having brake failure, obviously, can cause a major accident. That’s why it’s important to always check your brake pads and fluid.

But the most common, and most dangerous, of all is an overheating engine. If your car overheats, there’s a tendency that your car will not accelerate or will be unable to maintain its speed. There are a lot of instances that can cause an engine breakdown, such as leakage of coolant, a blocked radiator, issues with the cooling fan, or the water pump is malfunctioning. Regardless, though, you have to make sure to have it fix before it can cause any trouble.

The best action to take is to look for the best car insurance company that can protect you and your car from these inconveniences. Nothing beats having a peace of mind while you’re on the road, knowing that someone always got your back. You can search online for a comprehensive car insurance quote that will cover your needs and lifestyle.