While buying a car, you whine if you cannot get the model of the car you are looking for. Buying a car costs a fortune and when it comes to handling such an expensive thing, insurance is a must. You avail for insurance for items which are your most treasured possession. And a car which almost drained out almost half your bank balance definitely tops the list of items that require insurance. Insurance refers to a means of protection from financial loss.

In case of an uncertain loss or sudden accident, the insurance works as risk management to save us getting toppled from our financial loss. It is very much necessary to choose the suitable insurance the same way we nag to only take the model of car we desire. Considering the weak and tattered infrastructure of most cities, a car insurance policy has become a necessity. Even if you need not make any claims or suffer the loss of your annual premium, it is wise to have a car insurance policy. Accidents do not come announced so it always better to be armed with all the possible preventive measure.

While buying car insurance online, research on all your choices of car insurance policy, before choosing the suitable policy for your car. The value of your car insurance depends upon the insured declared value of the car. Detailed research and understanding of the several pointers of the particular insurance policy in order to prevent the loss of premium, if not used in time. An annual premium has to be paid in return for protection against serious accidents. However, in case of no serious accident at the particular year, you suffer the loss of premium. For minor damages, you are eligible for a no claim bonus if you don’t claim any for the minor damages in that year. The no-claim bonus ranges from 20 % of your insurance to almost 50% of your insurance.

Buy your car insurance online

You can buy your car insurance online directly from the website of a particular insurance agency. Or rather visit a third party website to compare the best available policies by different companies and apply for the best one through the third party website.

Apply through 3rd party website

A third party website gives you a flat lay view of all the insurance policies available in the market and is highly suggested to apply through the third party site. There is no risk of applying through a third-party website and the process is exactly the same as that for purchasing insurance online from the website of the insurance provider. This is the digital age and everything happens fast by clicking on a few buttons of your keyboard. The online mode of purchasing your car insurance is not only fast but also a hassle-free process. Safety is an assured feature of the online transaction. Online payment involves minimal paperwork and does not require you to get worried with tons of documents.

To buy an insurance policy for your car, visit the particular website of the insurance provider. Click on the motor insurance option and then choose on the four-wheeler option to buy the insurance policy. Choose the most suitable policy based on your requirements and click on the apply button. Click on the insurance for a new vehicle option. Add details of your name, email-ID, and phone number. Enter the registration number of your car and press on the buy option. You can pay using a debit card, credit card or net banking process. On completion of the payment, you will receive a receipt on your registered email. You may continue to pay your premiums through online mode following a similar process.