Getting a second mortgage in Toronto can among other things lower your overall monthly payment which will result in saving the important cash flow. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to focus on loan repayment and also save you from debt without resorting to further borrowing.

One other important benefit of the second mortgage in Toronto is the fact that, payment is usually based on interest only. What this implies is that you are given an amazing opportunity to save money by applying for more money to the higher interest debt. This something you can’t get in the conventional loans.

Disadvantages of getting a second mortgage include the fact that, you put your home at risk. This is why it’s important to ensure that your budget has enough room to pay off the mortgage on time. This is important so that you don’t default on your loan and risk losing your home to the lender. Moreover, there is no fixed duration for second mortgage repayment; it all depends on the loan structure.

The qualities that lenders look out for when considering candidates for the second mortgage in Toronto include; solid employment history, high credit score, low debt-to-income ratio and significant equity in the primary mortgage

Why it’s that the second mortgage loan has a higher interest payment? It’s high because the lender doesn’t expect you to pay off this loan until you are done paying off the first mortgage loan. So this means that the lender himself is exposed to more risk than for a first mortgage, so this will result in a higher interest rate. 

So how does the second mortgage in Toronto work?

Usually, the process of securing a second mortgage in Toronto starts with you filling out an application and having an approximate value of your home. Once the mortgage broker clears you for a mortgage, the next step will involve the reviewing of your credit report and also the appraisal of your home. Note that, you will have to bear the cost of the appraisal that will be approved by the mortgage lender. The cost is around $300. Once your home has been cleared by the home appraisal, the next step involves the issuance of a mortgage commitment by the lender.

The mortgage commitment contains all of the terms of the loan and it is your mortgage broker’s responsibility to ensure that you fully understand these terms. However, your progress to the next step depends on whether you agree with the terms of the loan or not. But in the case where you agree to this term, then the next step would be, having everything sent off to a lawyer to finalize the transaction. You will get your funds released once the lawyer finalizes the transaction

Do you need money for repairs or renovation of your house? Then a second mortgage in Toronto is what you need.