Internet, Hydro, cell phone … bills fall each month and can sometimes be more than expected.

Despite the salary, it is sometimes difficult to manage to pay them with all related expenses, especially during the holiday season. Fortunately, there are temporary solutions to help you pay your bills on time.

Pay your bills with a bank loan

You had an unexpected expense at the end of the month and you do not have much money left to pay your bills?

You can turn to your bank to apply for an instant loan if you need money. The advantage is that you can get large amounts even of up to $100,000. Applying with a bank is a complex process. Your banking institution will require certain guarantees from you to ensure that you will be able to repay the loan you will receive, whether it is a proof of salary or an analysis of your credit rating. These requirements can slow down the loan process.

Help with bill payments using a private lender

Credit applications to private institutions are becoming more common. Unlike banks, private lenders offer loan solutions that do not always require credit checks. This is called a no credit check loan. In this way, your odds and borrowing history are not likely to be impacted.

The application process is very simple and very fast. Just complete an online form, you will get the answer within an hour and the money can be transferred to your account within 24 hours. It is an ideal solution to pay urgent bills in case of a bad financial situation.

Payday loans: the last resort to pay your bills

The payday loan is a loan on your next paycheck and the amount usually represents 30% to 50% of your total salary.

Lenders will ask you for certain guarantees such as having a stable income.

The payday loan is often considered a last resort because it is much more expensive than other types of loans. Indeed, you must fully repay it on your next pay at the risk of seeing your financial worries accumulate. In addition, once the loan is paid you will not have much money left to live.

Need money: Avoid bad buying habits

When you need money to pay your bills, applying for a loan remains a quick fix. However, to avoid having too much recourse to this type of loan, we recommend that you adapt your expenses by avoiding bad buying habits and establish a rainy day fund by saving money daily.