One of the true characteristics of a leader is nothing different from being a servant, along with the servant leadership attitude. Similar is the role of business coaches as well, who take up the responsibility of helping out fellow mates in the industry and improve their competency while performing the daily tasks of the business operation and eventually coming up with the daily challenges which are a part and parcel of any business venture. While many might consider it as a passing of knowledge session, Leslie Hocker believes that it is much beyond this perceived notion.

Going through the records, it has been seen business professionals who are new in the market have always preferred the experienced businessmen as their coaches in the days to come. The question that needs to be raised is why is it so? That is simply because, just like all other skills, business coaching even needs sufficient knowledge in the field and experience of performing it in daily life scenario. Both of these parameters can be found only in those who have got the first-hand experience, because irrespective of the scope of a business, the natures of challenges they come across are same.

But there are some essential rules to follow for those who want to find some prominence in being the business coaches. By noting them down, Leslie Hocker made it easier for the young budding professionals, identify who possess these qualities and choose their business coaches successfully.

Setting up the expectations is the first parameter that comes in the rule book. Mankind has no limits to expectations; hence it is the responsibility of the business coaches to set the expectations which are not only realistic but also achievable in due course of time. Those who have followed the path of success in business coaching have eventually explained it that why these certain expectations are desirable and how achieving them will actually give them the edge in the business scenario.

Observation is a key quality that all the business coached must possess, as that helps them have a keen idea of how their students are performing in the meeting the expectations that have been set. Based on the observations made on the level of performance, some crucial decisions need to be taken about the future ventures. Knowing the tendency of an organization is essential as that helps these business coaches determine the areas to work on and set the goals henceforth. Planned action and thorough performance has always been the key to success in any business and these coaches can make the route to success only better.

Acknowledging and appreciating success is what everyone forgets to do. It is essential to give importance to success as it is not easily achieved and also not everyone can get hold of it. Ending any step forward in a win-win situation is what all businessmen look forward to, but who can actually do it depends on the coaching they receive. Having a good business coach is self-satisfactory, and nothing more can be asked for it.